What to Wear Working Out Indoors

What to wear working out indoors

Workout wear has of late taken a considerable step in advancement, which is ultimately a good thing, no deny. Several years back, cotton and polyester were the only options for gym-goers. Absorbed heat and moisture made working out a very smelly experience.

Advancement in technology has improved activewear

Due to the advancements made in fabric technology, it is now possible to work out, sweat, and feel just as fresh and comfortable as you did when you began working out. Fabrics are now designed to allow one to work out for more hours and also undergo a more intense workout session.

Currently, the selection of athletic apparel allows us to look and feel good while working out. There are wide ranges of designs and colors to choose from. To get the best workout clothes, it is essential to focus on optimal comfort, performance, fabric, and fit of the clothes. These are considered, especially when choosing shoes and socks.

So, let`s get to what we should wear working out indoors.


Whether your workout routine involves jogging, walking, or using gym equipment, a decent shoe is always the best way to go. Even as you work out indoors, remember that injuries caused by inappropriate footwear can hinder your weight loss and fitness attempt, which is also as good as not working out at all.

It is advised to invest in quality shoes to help you avoid accidents and injuries such as foot and ankle damage. This will make your workout more pleasant and productive. If you`re engaging in cross-training, dance aerobics, or side-to-side movements, wearing shoes is probably better than going barefooted.


As required and contrary to popular belief, athletic apparel should be fitting and not tight. Also, avoid clothes that are too tight and constricting you from your movement. This allows smoother motions, optimal wicking, and chaffing. Some gym wear brands such as Kilele offer a variety of sizes from extra-small to extra-large.

It is an awful experience having to keep adjusting your clothing during your work out sessions. Before buying athleisure, try them on. Also, do a couple of workout routines and see if they offer you a wide range of motion.


Gym wears made from synthetic mixes of polyester, nylon and merino wool are the best base layers for the clothing worn next to the skin. They have sweat-wicking abilities altogether. Besides, Merino wool absorbs up to 30% of its original weight and still maintains its insulation ability keeping you warm, dry, and cozy. Wearing workout gear with the right fabric blending will complement your fitness training.

For the indoor workout, the lighter weight form of fabric is recommended

Pro tip: To maintain a fabric`s performance, it`s breathability and moisture-wicking properties, use perfume-free detergents and fabric softener.


Avoid cotton, which absorbs moisture and holds it close to the skin, causing blisters and discomfort. Again socks made from merino wool are recommended. They vary in weight, design, and style, and they don`t produce a foul odor.


Working out can be done both indoors and outdoors. When most people workout indoors especially at home, they do not care to use the appropriate activewear gear. Wearing appropriate workout gear has a lot of benefits. I hope this article sets you on the right path to what to wear working out indoors.


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