What Should Women Wear to the Gym in 2020? | Trends You Should Try

what should women wear to the gym

As a woman, of course, when you think of clothing, the first thing that comes to your mind is fashion, then the others like comfort come later. Finding gym wear that suits your crave of personal style, comfort, and the gym`s standard has proven to be a significant task over the years. However, if you find what works, you`ll be in for a treat as you won`t ever worry about what you`re wearing for a while.

So what should women wear to the Gym?

1. Sports bra

When wearing a quality sports bra, you can avoid major discomfort caused by the workout routines. Believe it or not, even exercises with low impact may be discomforting if the breasts are not held in place.

It helps to avoid the pangs of pain in breasts caused by movement up and down during the workout session. Sports bras are designed to restrict the movement of breasts.

2. Gym shorts

Gym shorts have proven to be the best option for hitting the gym. Gym shorts lower the risk of muscle soreness. They also provide comfort and reduce friction between the thighs.

3. Crop tops

Crop tops have been considered a trashy look by many. Remember that wearing a crop top may even make you more comfortable with your body than any other athletic apparel would. Wearing a crop can help you get over body insecurities and be proud of yourself. You don`t need a flat tummy or abs to rock a crop top to the gym.

4. Yoga pants

Yoga pants are just a trendy version of sweatpants. Many people prefer yoga pants because of the comfort as you do your workout in the gym. Yoga pants are also flexible and perfect fitting, so it is probably the ideal choice for a gym-goer.

Over the years, materials used in making yoga pants have evolved, offering a more extensive range of motion, durability, and endless design choices, which is perfect for a person who prefers yoga pants over other athleisure.

4. Leggings

If you are wondering what should women wear to the gym, you should know that according to popular vote, more people prefer leggings to other gym wear. Why is this? This is because of the outstanding comfort provided by the leggings. Leggings are thin and airy (Try the kilele seamless Ombre leggings or Kilele seamless Camo leggings they are so good). Leggings also make a person feel and look fantastic. Leggings also provide a more comprehensive range of motion hence no constrictions during the workout.


Everyone has a preference when it comes to gym wear but all of these workout clothes have a benefit in the workout routines we go through. If you tend to opt for any of the above athletic apparel, then you have nothing to worry about because you`re on the right track in choosing your gym wear.




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