How to Stay Physically Active During Self-quarantine

How to stay physically active during self-quarantine

As the worldwide pandemic continues to claim more lives, it is healthier and safer to work out indoors. Most experts and organizations encourage us to stay home. Staying home will obviously have some impacts on fitness freaks as you certainly gain weight and with time out of shape.

The thought of quarantine and staying indoors may damage some people’s mental wellbeing and may even cause stress. Exercise is the only factor that can help at this stage.

The WHO recommends at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise and 75 minutes of vigorous-intensity activity. The given time guideline is, however, for people who have no symptoms or diagnosis of acute respiratory illness. It may seem impossible to some people as they don’t have either the proper equipment or enough space.

The following are tips on how to stay physically active and reduce sedentary activities while in self-quarantine.

Follow online exercise classes

Currently, some platforms offer lessons on how to keep fit and exercise during the quarantine period. You can follow the classes on platforms such as Youtube. These classes are very efficient, and you may even end up walking out of quarantine (that is after the pandemic) looking better than before. Be extremely cautious as you try routines you’ve never tried. Don’t push yourself too far to be aware of your limitations.

Take short active breaks during the day

This doesn’t have to be a vigorous activity. You can simply play with your pet and run around with it, dance a little bit, and even play with your kids and feel emotionally active as well it helps.


Walk around your house. If you receive a phone call, it’s better to stand and walk around as you converse on your phone. If your home has small spaces, you can even walk on the spot, and this will help you remain physically active. If you decide to go out, make sure you maintain a distance of at least 1 meter.


Reduce your sedentary time by standing up at least every 30 minutes. Consider making a standing table or stacking up other materials such as books to continue working even as you remain standing. During this time, it is appropriate to stay active and stimulate your brain by engaging in activities such as board games and solving puzzles.

How to Stay Physically Active During Self-quarantine – 10 HOME-based Exercises

When we don’t have access to the gym, it is exciting to improvise and also give the online platforms a chance in our journey in fitness. Thanks to the internet, we can get a fitness tip from a particular resource. It doesn’t matter if your online resource is from youtube videos, Facebook, or even an Instagram influencer. Here are a few workout routines you can try.

1. Jump rope

This is probably the most straightforward workout routine. This activity is a great cardio exercise as it strengthens the legs and arms. It is also great in developing focus. However, it requires a little bit more space as you don’t want to smack things and people in the house; if you have a compound or a backyard, the better.

2. Weight lifting

Weight lifting

If you aim at bulking up, then this might be the routine for you. Intense weight lifting is, however, not achievable in a small space. Few of us have the space for large weight lifting equipment at home, but most of us have the space for smaller kettlebells and dumbells.

3. Yoga


A lot of people are into yoga that there are many online classes offering lessons both free and paid. It’s among the best exercise experts recommend oh how to stay physically active during self-quarantine. Some youtube channels provide lessons for beginners, so this is your chance to get into yoga for both exercise and mental relaxation. If you have never tried yoga, there are variations that differ entirely on stretches.

4. Squats


Squats don’t require a lot of space at all, even a corner in your house can work for you. Most experts recommended 15-20 squats a day. Squats don’t only work on your leg muscles as assumed by many, but on your whole body collectively. They build your quadriceps, calves, and hamstrings. Squats also help lose belly fat(guaranteed) as they burn calories as you work out. On top of it all, they add muscle mass.

5. Steps

Steps home-based exercise

Did you know that those stairs you have in your apartment can be used to work out? You don’t need a fitness step to workout. Just climb up and down the flight of stairs, and you might keep your fitness on point.

6. Jog

I don’t mean jogging exactly; I mean jogging on the spot. It can really help, especially if you combine it with the steps exercise, it will work out great for you.

7. Sit-ups

Seat ups

Sit-ups bear a lot of advantages for you as you add them to your workout routine. Imagine increasing your flexibility and strengthening your diaphragm at ago; it’s like killing two birds with a single stone. Besides that, you might reduce the risk of back pains and injury. Sit-ups are highly recommended during this quarantine period, plus it doesn’t take up a lot of space luckily.

8. Butt kickers

This cardio move is pretty self-explanatory, judging from the name. In this routine, you just kick your heels to your butt. (Don’t necessarily hit your butt you might end up with nasty bruises the following day) Doing this strengthens your leg muscles.

9. T push-up against the wall

Why not take advantage of that wall and use it for your workout? This is a pretty much-advanced push-up. Just get into the usual push up position while standing against the wall. Your body should be parallel to the wall and some inches away from the wall. Rotate the back of your torso towards the wall. Your back should be straight and the back of your hand against the wall. The move should be kept static for a minimum of 5 seconds. Lose the position then repeat it ten times.

10. Seated meditations


Find something comfortable to sit on and cross your legs. You can also sit on a chair, but the floor is much better. Firmly close your eyes and deepen your breathing and try not to focus on any thoughts crossing your mind. Remain in this position for a minimum of 5 minutes. Just clear your mind and relax. This activity is the most enjoyable as it is de-stressing and comfortable.


We have provided this guide on how to stay physically active during self-quarantine so that you can be able to continue with your exercise at home during these hard times. Even though it’s different from what you do in the gym, it is helpful. While at it, don’t forget to wear your fitness kit for efficiency and comfort.




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