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Fashionable Women’s Workout Clothes are the Trend in 2020

Kilele Ombre Top Crop Grey

Gym wear clothes manufacturers are shifting towards producing more fashionable women’s workout clothes. Stylish workout clothes make it easier for you to hit the gym. The clothes can be worn in and out of the gym; hence they provide you flexibility. In this article, we examine why fashionable women’s workout clothes are the in thing […]

How to Choose The Best Gym Wear for Kenya

How to choose the best gym wear for kenya

Working out and keeping fit is a trend that is fast picking in every part of Kenya. The rise in diseases associated with physical inactivity has seen many Kenyans embrace active lifestyles. Gyms and health clubs have become common in most neighborhoods. Gym wear clothing is also flooding the market to cater for the high […]

Which Are The Best Materials for Gym Wear Clothing?

Kilele Camo Seamless Sage Green ladies gylm wear

Different sporting activities require a specific type of clothing. For instance, sports like football and basketball require clothing that is loose and comfortable. On the other hand, activities such as biking or running can be dangerous if you wear loose clothing because baggy pants or wide legs could easily get tangled up in your feet […]

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